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About InstAppraisal

InstAppraisal is a global community of collectors begun in 1995. The InstAppraisal community is now over 100,000 members strong with collectors and appraisers from all over the world providing insight and sharing the adventure that is collecting.

Leveraging crowdsourcing before the term existed, InstAppraisal gives members the ability to post items they'd like more information about and invites other members to contribute their knowledge. InstAppraisal also offers a Forum where members with common interests can meet and exchange views, News of interest to collectors, and a guide to Events in your area. These services have always been and will remain 100% FREE!

Additionally, InstAppraisal now offers two premium appraisal services for those who don't wish to wait for the community response. InstAppraisal Advantage is our first-tier premium service. Items submitted using this service are evaluated by our own staff of InstAppraisal Experts within 72 hours for only $9.95. For still faster response we offer InstAppraisal Ultimate, where our InstAppraisal Experts evaluate your item within 24 hours for just $14.95. Both of these premium services also provide an InstAppraisal Certificate of Appraisal for use in further transactions involving the item. If for any reason we are unable to complete your appraisal in the time period specified (possible with more obscure items) the cost will be refunded 100%.

InstAppraisal relies on the participation of our members and with that in mind we have implemented the InstAppraisal Points system. Members acquire Points by performing various common activities on the site. Listing an item for appraisal, commenting on the items posted by others, voting on items or responses and many other actions are rewarded with InstAppraisal Points. Each quarter we award $25 Amazon Gift Cards to the leader to show our thanks. No purchase is necessary to win these prizes.

We are always looking to improve the experience of our members and welcome comments and suggestions. Please click here to contact us.

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