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American Pickers TV Show

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I've watched American Pickers several times on TV.  While I enjoy watching most anything related to antiques and collecting (i.e. Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, etc.) I just don't care for this show.  The odd duo often find a couple of items here and there that I find interesting to learn about, but the part of the show that irks me is my impression that they are always trying to take advantage of some bumbling old crotchety man who knows no better.

The show reminds me of the worst about collecting - the dynamics that one will often see, though usually in a milder form when going to or participating in a swap meet.  I guess these guys have an actual real business behind them and that they must turn a profit in order to keep the machinery going, but it just seems that they go about the art of the deal in a slimy way.  Again this is only my impression and perhaps you may feel otherwise.  I wouldn't be surprised if the tall skinny chap in the show would try to deal down his own grandma in order to get a better price; a real turnoff of the show for me.  Curious what other people think about these guys.


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Submitted by Angie.B. on

Don't forget that there are commercials in these half hour episodes. The money has to go somewhere. I myself like the Pawn Masters. They are a group of professional antique dealers and it's fun to watch them barter over a certain item. They're not worth a fortune but it keeps these people in business and it's interesting to see what people have in their homes.

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Submitted by Brenda K on
I have a ton of  stuff grandma left me , the reason I have not gotten rid of it, is because of people like this, who seem to be just on the take, hate the show, watched it a couple of times to make sure it was not just the one show, and no pickers allowed at my home Thanks to them, much rather watch the pawn show in vegas at least they are honest about what it is worth and you can decide to take it or leave it......and you learn something, love the show

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I guess we all have things which annoy us. The "Pawn Stars" happen to be what annoys me. In most episodes, I find them condescending, if not downright rude. It is however, fun to see the old, odd and interesting pieces that come through their doors. Here's the kicker for me. There was an episode when a lady came in with a boxed, Faberge spider brooch, knowing nothing about it and wanting what she probably assumed was alot for it ($2,000.) Rick explained to her what she had and if I remember correctly, offered her $15,000. I would bet money that if the cameras weren't around and he didn't have a  TV / public eye reputation to worry about, that never would have happened. Chances are, she would have walked out with half or less her asking price, in keeping with their usual M.O.. As for the "Pickers," their home base is a couple of miles from where I'm located. I've met them personally, been to their shop and run into Frank occasionally at local estate sales. Aside of being goofy at times, they're pretty likable, down to earth guys. When you get right to it, the name of the game is buy low, sell high. Often times people don't have the resources, nor the desire to mess around trying to sell their things. Alot of folks don't even realize that they have valuables and are happy as clams when someone offers money for something they considered junk. If somebody comes along that is willing to pay what they are asking, or somewhere in that ballpark, they are pleased, even if undervalued.  The key is, do some research, know what  you have, consider the market and then decide for how much, where or to whom you want to sell. Remember, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay, despite it's book value. Sometimes there is a bit of taking of advantage of ignorance going on, but noone passes up a great deal, whether scrupulous or not...          

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I really enjoy both shows, and do not begrudge anyone trying to make a living. I really believe in Karma, and if they were truly greedy, it would come back three fold on them. I really see honest guys in a business that is less than that at many times. just thinkling about Mike and Frank selling the Carnival poster for  $10,000.00, and circling back to give the guy $5000.00, because it was woth more that they had thought.

michelle_o's picture

  I agree with wendy and like her posting ,however I also have seen both shows and can recall the spider brooch episode .Someone watching with us said the same thing about the cameras being gone and the price would have been way less.Maybe,maybe not but the people can get a second opinion.They do not have to say yes and sell right then.I do not care for pawn shops much but as others, I do enjoy the things people bring in.I like pickers and agree people have to make a living.There have been shows where they paid decent money for things and they were worth 0 dollars or cents so you know, be smart and do not take the first offer someone gives you.When in doubt have it checked out!!My Grandma has just passed in January she was 83 and is the reason I love antigue and vintage stuff.I would not get rid of anything that I thought I could pass on to mine,my brother or my sisters kids.What we do get rid of I will research myself or find sites like this one to help me.I refuse to sell her thing in a yard sale.She was veryy charitable and alot has and will be donated but the rest doesn't have to worth alot but it was her's and I want someone to have it who will appreciate it for what it is.

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I too know that this show is not for real. How do they drive around in a Mercedes (that's what my husband says it is) burn all that gas, and where do they sleep? Sometimes a days work only brings a few hundred dollars profit! Now that's not doing good business! Let's see something real for a change and not all this scripted stuff that is refilmed to get the most affect. Let it happen naturally, your audience can tell when it is not for real!!

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Submitted by Tom J on


 Those picker dudes picked a neighbors garage some time ago

He didn't fare too well,..(Cheaped him big time)

. The truck is a dodge sprinter with a mercedes motor. I know someone else who has one. They get over 35 miles per gallon on the highway. That's why they can afford it. It is a fat price tag on it, but I think it pays them back in fuel costs.

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Submitted by thdrbat on

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Submitted by Voyrrr on
Oh come on. The world economy is based on purchasing something at one price and selling it at a profit. You cant be offended by the Pickers and then go to the grocery store. Everything you purchase started off being sold for very little money. The average can of corn that sells for one dollar started out with the farmer for about 12 cents. It is the same with every business.
I have watched American Pickers since the beginning, and for the record, the items shown being purchased are a small percentage of what they actually buy. They have been in business for some time and have clients all around the country. My  only qualm is that more people are going to go out picking, and it is going to get harder for those who are trying to make a living at it; a living that is not as easy as it looks.
They dont try to rip people off. They make offers on what they see. Sometimes people sell and sometimes they dont. A person makes a choice to sell a particular item or not. They decide on what they will accept. Obviously, someone looking to buy things who come to your door with a list, driving a van with a big logo... is going to resell what they buy.
Now, as for Pawn Stars or Storage Wars.... when was the last time you went to a pawn shop with something as valuable as what they have on that show. Does the pawn shop ever call an expert? They are in Vegas, and my guess is that those folks dig up the last valuable thing they can find and run to the pawn shop so they can get back to the casino as fast as they can. And you can bet when the cameras are off, the "Pawn Stars" go back to buying items for pennies on the dollar. Pawn shop = bottom feeder.
Lastly, Storage Wars. Ick. Have you ever seen a slimier bunch of people on one program? I am sure there is an occasional good find in a unit, especially in Hollywood CA, but the average town will have average crap. I stopped watching that show because I couldnt stand to see such morally bankrupt people get so much pleasure out of being hateful to one another. ACK!


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