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American Pickers TV Show

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I've watched American Pickers several times on TV.  While I enjoy watching most anything related to antiques and collecting (i.e. Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, etc.) I just don't care for this show.  The odd duo often find a couple of items here and there that I find interesting to learn about, but the part of the show that irks me is my impression that they are always trying to take advantage of some bumbling old crotchety man who knows no better.

The show reminds me of the worst about collecting - the dynamics that one will often see, though usually in a milder form when going to or participating in a swap meet.  I guess these guys have an actual real business behind them and that they must turn a profit in order to keep the machinery going, but it just seems that they go about the art of the deal in a slimy way.  Again this is only my impression and perhaps you may feel otherwise.  I wouldn't be surprised if the tall skinny chap in the show would try to deal down his own grandma in order to get a better price; a real turnoff of the show for me.  Curious what other people think about these guys.


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Submitted by MsWindy on

I have seen the pickers go to a lady's house and when she offered to sell them things way under value, they have said, " NO! But I will give you XXX amount of dollars for it." They gave her more then 8 times what she offered to sell it for and in the same program, they did this 4-6 times with the lady! I find them extremely honest and folks....not one of the people selling, HAS to sell! I think it's wonderful! I saw one program where the lady inherited the farm but taxes were owed, high taxes! These two guys bought enough of her "junk" to pay most of her taxes, they helped save a family farm!

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BOLOGNA. Those guys are in it for the money. Tell me how many episodes you have seen that happen in ? Of course they are going to give the viewers a phony sense of how kind hearted they are. They constantly try and get one over the customers. Shows like this ARE Hurting buyers.

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Submitted by twill on

I like the show too. I saw an episode where the owners/sellers didn't have much that was valuable and were going to be auctioning the property. The guys didn't want to leave them with nothing valuable to auction.

I've also seen several episodes where people offered to give them something and they insisted on buying.

Plus, they're honest with the sellers, in that they're in it to make money. I had read a lot of reviews about the show before I ever watched it and was expecting to see a couple of scam artists taking advantage of old folks (like most of the reviews implied). I haven't seen them take advantage. Most of the stuff they buy is buried under so many layers of dirt & muck that the owners forgot they even had the stuff. And in most of the episodes I've watched, the sellers can hold their own with these guys.

It's so entertaining. I love it!

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Submitted by Lovejoy on

I'd tough it out, interest will soon flag, the shows plot line is pretty slim and people will soon tire of it.  People are always looking for easy money, as soon as they see what a tough business it really is they will move on to the next shiny thing....

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Submitted by Lovejoy on

Buying at a level you can make a profit is the name of the game, so anyone in the business is only going to offer you a "Wholesale value" These guys are not going to offer much more than 30% of what the same piece would retail for in an Antique shop. While this might seem slimy it's simply the nature of virtually any business.

Of the shows I've watched so far the owners of the junk appear to be pretty crafty in their dealings, most it seems either inherited the junk or purchased it so long ago they are probably making a profit no matter what they sell it for.

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Submitted by Joe Photo on

I watch the show quite a bit and find there is a variety of people and items they come across.  I'm currently running garage sales now and can spot these types before they get there. I'm not desperate for cash but just have a lot of things to get rid of.  I'm not doing a lot of research on items and my prices are what they are valued to me.  I've already had one guy come in and right off the bat bought something for $1.00 but he had to go through 2 huge wads of big bills (1 in each pocket) in order to find a 1.  He then proceeded to gripe about prices on some items and say how he couldn't make any money on it if he buys it at THAT price.  Well I'm not there to give him stuff for cheap so that he can make money and I'm not giving him free reign to go cherry picking through everything I don't have room to set out for the sale.  I'm more interested in selling to people who collect and appreciate unique and unusual item but I can't really set out a sign saying "No Pickers".  I for one don't want to know if you're a picker or a dealer as that will just make me unlikely to budge on my price as I'm not exactly making a profit on the things I'm selling and sometimes just barely getting back what I paid for it.

As far as the Pickers show I did see the one with the circus banners and was impressed that they gave the guy so much back but usually they are too cheap to give people a good value.  I really dislike when they are tallying up their take to show what they paid and what "they think" is the value. Occasionally they put what they sold it for but sometimes, I think, their value is above what it actually might be worth.

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Submitted by jackrose9 on

i have a benedict indestructo #1075 cup maybe ? could anyone tell me what this is or how much it is worth chromium plate


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all of these shows are both real and staged, some parts are real, some parts are staged. Also they generally offer a "fair market value" of 50-60% of what the item is worth to an end buyer. seems fair to me since they actually come to your property and do all the work. Bottom line is these people do not have to sell their belongings.

frozensoda's picture

all that beig said they are hurtig two groups of people, the ones who ARE trying to get over on these people and the ones wh are trying to make a living doing this.


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