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American Pickers TV Show

American Pickers TV Show image

I've watched American Pickers several times on TV.  While I enjoy watching most anything related to antiques and collecting (i.e. Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, etc.) I just don't care for this show.  The odd duo often find a couple of items here and there that I find interesting to learn about, but the part of the show that irks me is my impression that they are always trying to take advantage of some bumbling old crotchety man who knows no better.

The show reminds me of the worst about collecting - the dynamics that one will often see, though usually in a milder form when going to or participating in a swap meet.  I guess these guys have an actual real business behind them and that they must turn a profit in order to keep the machinery going, but it just seems that they go about the art of the deal in a slimy way.  Again this is only my impression and perhaps you may feel otherwise.  I wouldn't be surprised if the tall skinny chap in the show would try to deal down his own grandma in order to get a better price; a real turnoff of the show for me.  Curious what other people think about these guys.


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Submitted by metro5585 on

The thing that amazes me about pawn stars how someone would bring something valuable in there and has never researched it.  It also amazes me why people bring some of the things they bring into a pawn shop unless they're hard up for money


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Submitted by metro5585 on

I really like this show but I'm starting to wonder about how legitimate these shows are.  Today the guys found a belt buckle from the Civil War with a bullet in it.  Last week someone came into the pawn shop in Las Vegas with the same belt buckle.  Too much of a coincidence that there would be two belt buckles from the same era with a bullet in the exact same location.  Just wondering how interconnected these shows are and whether or not they are truly legitimate


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Submitted by Lovejoy on

I'm not sure about how connected these shows are, but they are just like any other "reality show", in other words " Scripted", boring stuff is editied out, the exciting left in or a situation artificially created. It's all show business.

charleshjr's picture

I realize that tv is entertainment.  I also realize that perception is ones' own property.  I enjoy most all of these shows at one point or another.  I recently seen an episode of pickers, where a man who was a metal scrapper bought a hoarders property.  Mike and his brother (not Frank) proceeded to educate this man on the value of items beyond scrap value.  They at times were offered items at ridiculous prices, just to turn the offer down and to offer more than what was asked originally.  They have repeatedly in many shows though said in roundabout ways that the "value" of an item has many levels. Starting with the first person to buy the item there needs to be a profit.  Think of it kinda like this...are you going to pay new car price for a 1985 mazda? ... but why not someone once did....and in 2035 someone may once again pay as much (or more) as the original asking price  for the same item.  Pickers and such are middlemen not the end man.  It is a business not a couple guys collecting things they enjoy.  Antique dealers, pickers, etc. are not hobbyists they are businessmen.  I enjoy the fact that these shows educate.  Much better than the news nowadays!!! Just my opinion.


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Submitted by ize on

I must say that this show is a God send to those who collect or flip items.....they are very honest guys....they not only offer more than asked if the seller is too low but they also take chances like any buyer....a picker doesn't have appraisers traveling with them to just jump in and inform both parties. ...they have taken huge losses as well as huge profits on some picks....not to mention that often times they are called by the seller and lends time to the seller to be prepared for one can tell me that if they went to a sellers house/business and wanted an item worth a lot and was told they could buy it for next to nothing that they wouldn't jump on the chance.....if you collect and that's it than you will pay top dollar for what you want....if you collect and sell you look to get amazing items at a low price in order to make a great advice to people who collect...get into the picking can find great items at a much lower price as well as trade for an item that you would part with for an item you desire more....AMERICAN PICKERS IS AN HONEST AND WONDERFUL SHOW....HARD TO FIND NOW OF DAYS...HAPPY PICKING

Trula's picture
Submitted by Trula on

American Pickers is the only show I ever watch on TV! I love Frank, Mike, and Danielle! I love that they actually give people more money than what they ask because they know the item is worth so much more. It is so refreshing to see honest, hard-working, friendly "real" people! My husband will tape the show so that we can watch it together when I am able. These guys love preserving history so much, they actually dug up an Indian Chief from a lady's back yard because someone's grandfather had buried it when his wife wouldn't let him keep it! It was so rusted and totally useless but it was historical! God bless these guys!

Lovejoy's picture
Submitted by Lovejoy on

These shows are scripted for entertainment value. From the shows I 've seen they wouldn't even cover their costs based on what they bought when you take in the overhead of running that van, where they would have to stay while they are on the road and running their shop /store.

FredTheCat's picture

I don't think it's reasonable to believe that what they show them buying is everything they buy on a given trip.  They're filling two stores with stuff they're getting from somewhere...


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Submitted by AmandaC. on

My nephew used to build sets for reality shows. He said reality shows are not real! Think of American Pickers ~ I'm sure they've thoroughly combed through all the items in some old man's garage before taping. When an item has sat for 30+ years in an old garage or shed, and there's barely a bit of dust covering it...hhmmm  Makes me wonder. I betcha the price has already been set before the show, and the dickering back and forth is just to make it interesting. I personally don't like the show. The two guys are a big turn off. To me, Pawn Stars just make the people of Detroit look ignorant. It's gotten to be a circus inside the shop compared to when it first aired. Just remember when your watching all these reality shows ~ THEY AREN'T REAL! They're just cheap programming.


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