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American Pickers TV Show

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I've watched American Pickers several times on TV.  While I enjoy watching most anything related to antiques and collecting (i.e. Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, etc.) I just don't care for this show.  The odd duo often find a couple of items here and there that I find interesting to learn about, but the part of the show that irks me is my impression that they are always trying to take advantage of some bumbling old crotchety man who knows no better.

The show reminds me of the worst about collecting - the dynamics that one will often see, though usually in a milder form when going to or participating in a swap meet.  I guess these guys have an actual real business behind them and that they must turn a profit in order to keep the machinery going, but it just seems that they go about the art of the deal in a slimy way.  Again this is only my impression and perhaps you may feel otherwise.  I wouldn't be surprised if the tall skinny chap in the show would try to deal down his own grandma in order to get a better price; a real turnoff of the show for me.  Curious what other people think about these guys.


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Submitted by mikerugg on

Actually it is real, and if you google them they are real dealers with stores and families. I will respectfully disagree that they talk people down in an abnormal way other than the usual bartering, and if you watch the show enough many times Mike will tell someone their price is too low and he offers more money for the item.

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I watch all the shows mentioned and American Pickers is by far one of the most entertaining. Maybe because they make me laugh at how far they are willing to go to find "the rusty" they say. I live in on the East Coast in Virginia and they were recently here in the Fredericksburg area. It simply amazed me the prices that they were willing to pay for some of the items purchased. Ironically most of the items that came from the downtown Fredericksburg area went to auction, and if not sold they were given away to those attending. Those that sold to Mike and Frank made a hefty profit. Boy oh boy, I would love for them to come and pick through our storage and sheds that are currently overflowing from four generations of collecting. I've sold at auctions, antique stores, shows, and personal collectors-have never received anything close to the amout they "seem" to pay. But then again, I'm a soft hearted individual who loves a fellow collector with a passion for the history of the item. I give away more than I care to admit. Smile


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