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American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Ring


Not long ago I came across a ring presented as a Dallas Cowboys Fan ring. I was intrigued as it looked old and was probably not a Cowboys ring. I bid the low starting price and won. I did some research and found it was an American Legion Auxiliary ring. It’s featured in their Emblem Catalog’s American Legion Auxiliary pamphlets from 1934 - 1946 and described as “ Ring 64 A brand new, sterling silver ring, with small onyx top. The miniature sterling silver Auxiliary emblem is beautifully enameled in colors. A most unusual ring, moderately priced. Price $5.00.” In the 1946 catalog it sold for a little over $8. It’s marked marked Sterling and PATDE55398 (the patent # for the badge design). It has good weight for a small ring. Most of the enamel except for the star is worn away and it has a small chip in the onyx. I’ve not seen any others of this ring being sold online, only the pics in the old catalogs which I’ve found PDFs. I’m wondering if it has any value in the condition it’s in. I’ve included pics of the ring and a pic of the badge design as it might have been if fully intact. Any help in estimating a value is appreciated.

Jewelry and Gemstones
Silver, Onyx, Enamel
Distinguishing marks: 
Sterling, PATDE55398
Date Period: 
1934 - 1946
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Ring size 6.75
Not sure but heavy for a small ring.
An eBay purchase. Wish I new it’s history, who wore it.
For Sale?: 
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