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Antique? Hoosier style baker’s identify?

Found this old piece at a Goodwill. No maker marks that I can see. It’s definitely old, but I’m not even sure what to call this furniture. Baker’s Table? Hutch? Hoosier Cabinet? Sideboard? It has been through a remod, but even that seems vintage at this point.

The hutch and base are independent pieces. The “tabletop” seems to be a replacement, but the slide out wooden workspace is original. There are two glass doors with brass chicken wire on the hutch. One of them is a bifold, which I can’t find as a common feature in pieces like this online. It’s quite possible they were reconfigured. The one and only drawer has the only unstained wood, but the inside of the lower cabinets is stained and slatted like the exterior sides. The geometric carving in the panels is the same on the base doors and hutch sides.

The piece needed stabilizing, so while I had the hutch off, I removed the unoriginal veneer from the underside of the full length shelf and found a hole in the center of the left cabinet...presumably for a flour sifter to pass through.

I’m not selling, just curious about the history... I would love to bring it back to a more original state...but can’t figure out what that looks like. Anybody got any ideas on this one?

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