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Antique HUGE wooden Noise Maker?

I am trying to identify this wooden object. All wood except the metal handle. I am calling it a Noise Maker for now but not sure.  Although, noise maker is a good name for it.  When you turn the handle it makes a really LOUD racket!!!

I've looked at...Antique Wood Battle Rattles, Wood Clapper Noise Makers, Some people have called it a Grogger, a Watchmasn Rattle, a Gas Rattle, a Clacker, Primitive Fire Alarm, some kind of Ceremonial Rattle. 

The thing is, a person wouldn't be able to swing it around by hand.  It is 27" long -  4" by 7".  without the handle. And it weighs 9 pounds.   With the "off set" handle, it would probable have to sit on the edge of a table or fasten to a post.

Can anyone identify this and give me a value?

Size and dimensions of this item: 
27" tall and 4" x 7"
For Sale?: 


antiquegma's picture

That's interesting.  We collect butter churns and when we got it we thought it had something to do with squeezing milk out of butter or cheese.  

The majority of people that has seen it thinks some kind of alarm. I'm leaning toward that because it really makes a very LOUD clacking noise. When you turn the handle the long piece of wood hits the"rotating piece". But with it's size and weight, what kind of alarm? 

Thanks for your input.  I'm "listening" to ALL ideas.

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