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Help:early-mid 1900s? Secretary/Writer’s Desk

This is a desk I received as a gift and unfortunately need

to sell for rent $. I know very little about antique furniture, but from my research it looks like it is a secretary/writer’s desk, and has a hinged, angled opening top desk panel that opens out when you pull it down. 

A plethora of drawers within, and a middle mini-door between the drawers inside the opened desk.

It seems the desk has possibly been repainted, or perhaps the original paint job didn’t allow it to include make/model. It does have an 1102 stenciled on the back 

i havent looked on the bottom (upside down) thoroughly because o can’t turn the thing over myself. 

I believe I was told 1900-1940 was a possible date on the thing, but I figured it’d be good to get a specialist’s opinion before I list a price or general info. 

Any thoughts help- thanks!

American Furniture
Wood- not sure what kind, antique item
Distinguishing marks: 
1102 on the back, otherwise the hardware, design, and the feet on the bottom of each desk leg
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
N/A Full size secretary’s desk
Heavy as hell
Not sure, given as gift, we were told it was from the 1920s or ballpark, but the people weren’t entirely sure
For Sale?: 

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