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Simmon Steel Desks -- 2 different styles

I have 2 Simmons Desks.  I know who made them.  I NEED to know what year and value. They both have the Simmons label in the desk drawer.

The first desk & chair labels match each other.  Brown paint over the original pink. These came out of the college dorms. I would say the boys didn't like the pink.   Measurements of first desk are 34" by 21".

I haven't been able to find a Simmons Desk that looks like the second one. And believe me I have searched.  The drawer doesn't have a place for knobs. Shelves on both front and back. The label is different with Bonderite added on the tag.  Again, brown paint over the pink.  This one had a layer of formica glued to the top(removed now) maybe to cover up the steel that was showing through. Measurements of second desk are 42" by 22".

I'm trying to "DATE" both of these. Maybe the 1930's? Are they from different years being the labels are different? Did Norman Bel Geddes design these? Also, value of first desk & chair together and the value of second desk.

American Furniture
Distinguishing marks: 
The desks and chair all have Simons labels on them.
Date Period: 
I believe 1930's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
First desk is 34' by 21" Second desk is 42" by 22"
We purchased them back in the 1970's. They came out of the local college dorms. They ended up in our old store building on the second floor. I found them when I was sorting and cleaning the upstairs!!
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These are pretty typical of institutional furniture made from the mid 1920's through the late 1940's. Sadly they don't really have much value in the current market, I've seen the chairs go for about $50.00 a piece, the desks $150.00 at auction.

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