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juanlove11's picture

I mean Mauser .All of the serial #'s match . Why wouldn't they?

This is a sniper's rifle . If you know about rifles , & examine 

it closely ,. You will see . This weapon is made for distance 

shots. Plain & Simple. Guaranteed .plus it's for sale.


fishwhacker's picture

Taken from another website.


"Turkish Models 1903/1938 rifles were not actually a model of a rifle, but really a standard for rifles to be arsenal reworked. Many different rifles can be called the Turkish Model 1938. This would include but is not limited to the GEW 98, Cz 98/22, Turkish Model 1903 and the Model 1893. For the sake of this section we are focusing on the 1903/1938 rifle pictured above. These are readily available today from many sources for prices ranging from under $50 to just over $100. The quality is varied from poor to reasonably acceptable and accuracy falls into the same range of categories. The original 1903 rifle was chambered in the 7.65x53mm caliber but were later rechambered to 7.95x57mm (8mm Mauser). The 1938 standard caliber was 8mm Mauser."

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