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Where these metal chairs made by SIMMONS?

I am trying to identify who made these chairs.  I've been going through our old 2 story building. I found a few desks & chairs in the storage area.  My husband remembers getting these back in the 70's. They came out of the college dorms.  The desks have the Simmons  label in the drawer. No lables on the chairs unless they have been painted over. It seems logical to me that the college would have purchased the chairs from the same manufacturer. But, I'm not having any luck in finding a Simmons char that looks like these.  The desks, I believe was made in the 1930's & designed by Norman Bel Geddes.  If I'm wrong, plese correct me.

The chairs are 34" tall -- Across the back measures 14" -- Across front legs measures 17" --

The 4 metal "slats" each measure 12 1/2" tall & 1/2" wide.

 Any help will be greatly appreciated!


American Furniture
Metal or steel
Distinguishing marks: 
No marks on chairs
Date Period: 
I believe the 1930's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Chairs are 34" tall -- 14" across back -- 17" across front legs
For Sale?: 


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Impossible to say for sure, chairs like this were generic products made by many makers of institutional and commercial furniture from the late 1920's through to World War Two. They do appear to be contemprary to the desks, but I have no matches for them for any particular maker.

antiquegma's picture

Thanks for the input.  I have a site for you to look at.  Etsy, at the 4 Simmons steel chairs. Mine does look like that, and the size seems to be right.  I hate to, but starting with the underneath, I think I'll take the paint off of mine and see what is there. 


antiquegma's picture

Update....Well, my guess was right.. The chairs are definitely made by Simmons. I was getting ready to try to remove a little paint under the seat to see if there was a label. I decided I would try to examine the chairs one more time. I actually had my phone flashlight on. The tag was painted over but you could still see the label through the paint. Now, to refinish them the same color as the desk.

antiquegma's picture

Hi, Can't figure out how to post a pic in this reply.  The tag on the chair is identical to the one on the desk (in the original post) except for the thin coat of green paint over it. I found a another Simmons desk that is really unusual. It needs refinished. I will try to post it soon. 

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