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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
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i still have not recieved much of an answer or anydetail what i may have in basic terms what so ever i
Wondering if something is of more value if it has the west germany mark rather then just germany?
want to know history of a piece of wrought iron-lamp
I have a 3d plate that was given to me some years ago & would like to know more about it.
I have a 1921 copyrite of "Howard Pyle's Book Of Pirates" what does the "H-A" stand for on the copyrite page
I found an antique roll film 8mm camera how can i find out its worth
are reconstructed paintings legit and worth anything?
does colored depression glass look liquid when you move the glass around
would like to know if my tray is worth anything it is a International silver company with the numbers 448 on it it also has a cr
How do I find my listing and the results of the appraisal
What does the number on the bottom of a collector plate mean? For example;one of the plates says 24 and one says 107
Trying to find out the age and worth of a antique straight razor?
Can you please appraise a set of 1920 silver japanase fish (sea bream) salt and pepper shakers/cellars ?
I have a piece I don't understand, can you identify it for me?
Wilcox Silver co. Quadruple Plate 1030?
I have a nude picture of Jean Harlow by Earl Moran it is 17"x25" framed I am interested in selling it can you direct me to go
McCoy "5 vases"?
Just purchased a round dish pottery from ebay and it has a conjoined WP incised on the bottom.
Can I delete one of my item posts for sale? My item went through twice.
Help me find the name of the pattern???
How and where would I find out the value of a Leopold Desk made in Burlington, Iowa?
Why and what are the appraiser points about ?
how long until my appraisal quote comes back?
Why can't I just get an answer???
how do i find out the orgin about 19 century strong/chest boxes that are ornate use to hold valuables.
Where do we see that information about our appraisal if it has been appraised?
How do I repost without rewriting my original posting?
have a silver box from the mid 1800's,tarnished and dirty can i clean it.
Does anyone know this makers mark?
what are appraisers point
How do the free appraisals and history work with this site?
Can someone please tell me how long our listings stay on Instappraisal?
Is My Lee Reynolds Painting an Original?
Can anyonr tell me about my magnavox stero console
hi i have a full super inox cutlery set and would like to no if its worth selling
Will the same key open all of the cedar chests made by Ed Roos or did each style have a different lock?
Is it better to keep any antique in its original condition or does the value increase if you restore it?
Would like to know about this artist Her name is Ann Iocca and this picture and what it might be worth
I have a ton of WWII items, from the states and Europe. Too much to list all. What is in high demand from that time?
Tell City Roll Top Desk?
I posted a Item so I could see how much it is worth, so when and how will I get a appraisal back on this?
how much is the cape cod collection worth
What are these round wooden slats found in sheds attic?
hello I'm wondering wht this might be worth
Are old political items (buttons, scarfs, etc) marketable?
Where can I find information on a Bardac glass bowl? I have googled Bardac but find nothing.
Can anyone give me an approximate value on a Ball.Black & Co. silver coffee pot, tea pot and matching sugar and creamer?
what is the value of a WM Rogers plate with the eagle and star hallmarks with the number 161 underneath?


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