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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
Have questions about an appraisal request? Read this first before posting a question here.

Looking for info about, Obstetrics table, Hamilton Company, 1909, Medical Antiques
I want to know if this antique phone I have is worth anything ?
I have a complete set of Meito China and have been trying to research with little or no luck of information. Can anyone help?
how do I change my password?
Should I post multiple shots of my typewriter in my appraisal request to get better results?
i found an item identical to mine in the search, but see no appraisal value. Where do I get a value?
what is my Universal Landers Frary & Clark Percolator E9169 worth
where do I check to see if anyone has replied to the item that I requested an appraisal on?
"Contact the Author"
I have an Imperial Tea Cart, that has broken spokes how do I fix them. I need some help
It says that my item was appraised, but how do I find out how much it was appraised for?
How long does it take to process an appraisal request. i submitted an item for appraisal 2 days ago. when can i expect a reply ?
How Much is a vintage peri signed green cameo broach?
Can I email you a picture
Any information on Antique Rokokò mirrors?
how much is an 1883 silver rotary cake server with stand cost
Im moving countries and have numerous items (antiques) Is it best to list items here singly or will one appraiser be better?
Pictures will not upload! Sight will not let me browse pictures?
I posted several items for appraisal, when will I get an answer in regards to their value ?
do i need a degree to become an appraiser?
how can i tell if a piece of jewelry is antique?
How long does it take to get an appraisal? I have already posted visual images.
Stratford Chair Co. stamp #712
wanted to know when will i get an appraisal thank you
Could someone please tell me what you think my sound system is worth?
I requested two appraisals,one for a Japanese Vase and one for a Ewer. I also attached photos.
I just created a item for appraisal, how do I find out the value / appraisal?
what is the proper words to use to search for 1936 ect large porcelian outdoor privy white bell toilet base for a real outhouse?
How do I change my user name to one less identifiable?
do you appriase american indian art and statue carvings?
looking for a manual for a thor ringer&washing machine appox 1940's?
Mystery set?
can you help me with a middleton plate company butter server?
I have a serving pitcher with an anchor and USN engraved on it , has stamp on bottom international silver company and number
Antique Shot Glass
what can anyone tell me about this lions paw table?
Whats my Ifugao Tribal spoons worth?
how old is my KROEHLER vanity and what is it worth?
is it common to put drywall on back of oil painting?
I have a tea set from Barvaria Germany with the name Wintering and a number 48. I would like to know some history.
Wallace baroque tea sets are they valuable
The American Modern by Magnovox Model # 265P information can be found where???
I have an old bro mathew painting an original want to know what it's worth anyone withinfo on this artist I bought 20 yrs ago
Help identify old kerosene heater (similar to Perfection heater but says BLUE BELL 2000) ??
I put my item for sale in this site , but mainly, i wanted to know how much my fine chines dishes worth ??
I'm trying to find out how much my dresser is worth can anyone help??????
where can I find information on Berkey and Gay furniture, circa 1920/1930?
005 C32 is stamped on my Caswell Runyan cedar chest, what are these numbers the year made and model ?


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