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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
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approximately how old is my grandfather clock?
Does anyone know what a De Laval No. 12 cream separator is worth???
Does anyone here appraise musical insturments from the 80's and older?
I posted a request to have a tureen appraised and I haven't had any answers. Did I post it incorrectly? Thanks.
i have a silver on cooper tea set from the f.b rogers co in good condition need to know the worth
i have a 32 piece royal china set 22-k gold warranted and need to know how much its worth
I have two pictures of ( State Bed Chamber of the Ex Empress Eugenie ) and ( Saloon of Louis Xlll )
How do I identify these cups?
i have a set of big ten marathon glasses wondering if its worth any thing i still have the org box
Posted pictures of rectangular Japanese handpainted vase.Bird flying into convolvulus plant.Like to know style and factory?
Why haven't the vase I have for appraiser haven't been appraised yer?
Any info on accurate cast lamp a-4277
mermaid holding a light
Could someone tell me if the portrait of Lewis Howard has value?
We have a Paragon Sewing Machine Model P We are wondering if anyone can tell us what it is worth?
Does anyone know what table manufacturer marked underneath with an "E"
I have a full set of Ch.Field Haviland Limoges gold rimmed china and I want to know if it has any value, since gold is so high.
Where do I view appraisals for my listed item?
What would my Marilyn playboy nude be worth
I am looking for information on this American Floral Design Kerosene Lamp
Odd Wooden Thing
T. Bursa
Where would I find information on very old Alan McAfee Military & Hunting Bootmaker?
have a silver teapot from barbour silver company quradruple with 1025 and a 7 under that would like to know anything about it
John Maddock "Old Roses" china
what is a PAIR RAMS HEAD CENTER TABLE BASES/SCULPTURES hollywood regency with 40in glass top worth
Can Someone tell me where and how to post a picture?
Can anyone tell me where this chair might be from?
Bell stamped 702
a helman oil painting
this is certainly nothing negative, but as I looked through about 15 items, none of them had an appraisal.
Has anyone ever heard of a fish painting by Durwood Kirby?
Does anyone know about a painting signed by P. Green, Christmas painting
How do i post details and photos of my painting?
Is there any interest in Heisey glass?
Can anyone tell me the value of a UHRENFABRIK mantel clock?
Looking for information on Royal dafferty china England reapplied for
Where can I find iformation on an old trunk I have?
how much is my wall tapestry dogs playing poker made in Italy 1965
I have a large set of Arlen Fine China pattern 1475 with gold trim. How can I find details?
How would I go about finding information on two photographs that was given to me. Curious how old they are and who they might be
Are Hickok USA cuff links worth collecting?
I have a couple of vintage Hustler and Penthouse magazines in excellent condition. Can I post them on instappraisal tastefully?
I have a windsor art painting it say on the back of it G6378 01 481 TRANQUIL RETREAT 30x30 chicago illinois 60608 pico riveria
How much could this stone carving be worth?
i can not find my post for an appraisal
my pics are not being accepted,although they are the format required....


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