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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
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myott sons & co hand painted platter # G.G. 1386 12" by 9" any info? age? value?
is a myott sons co hand painted 12 by 9 inch platter # G.G. 1386 worth anything? how old etc? found in attic
I have a Abercrombie and fitch long bow, was wondering if it was pre 1928
got old pic. need to if it's of value?
lane altavista, virginia
value of F. B. Rogerssilver sugar bowl #2377
Does anyone no anything about this pocket watch from Elgin watch co?
Information on a A. Whitman painting please?
i have a minnie mouse dooll hard plastic made by applause what is it worth
How do I find out what my free appraisal was? I submitted it a few days ago.
I need an approximate value or where to find it for Asian 12 3/4 x 31 1/2 art itself 23 x 9
I have a plate "the Lincoln-Douglas Debates" and wan to know if there is a market for it and the value of it.
1975 Hamilton Mint Artist "ACETA" of Birds of America??
I have an E.B. Rogers silver carving platter with the mark "7729" . Is it plate-- or solid. Its quite heavy.
I inherited a washstand from England, which was in perfect condtion when I got it, now it's become badly warped
Is my getzen trumpet worth anything and how old is it?
i have a solid silver hammer it is about 2 inches long, it is a necklace charm, it weights 56.7 grams.
We are needing information on a Berkey & Gay dresser.
G.I. Joe 12 Inch Action Figures
Can you tell me how much a Boss Blu-Hot kitchen stove is worth? from Texas 12.24.2010.
I have an old "through the looking glass and what alice found there" by Lewis carroll, and I want to know how old it is
wijmer misty peaks painting value
I found a bowl from the International Silver Company. It says King Cole on the back with a set of numbers.
Looking for a value on a set of 1935 tiffany& co cocktail glasses
I have boxes of very old comic books that I want to know the value of. What's the best way to go about getting appraised?
What is the best way to polish silver?


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