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Best Antique & Vintage Items to Sell During the COVID-19 Economic Downturn

Hello All,

I'm curious to hear what antique, vintage, art or other items are the best to sell to get cash quickly. I want to sell on eBay, but don't know what items are the best ones that stand the best chance to actually sell on eBay the fastest for the most money. Thanks for any help.

- Joseph

I have been doing a bit of selling on ebay and the one thing that sells really well is gold, gold prices have gone up and I like collecting jewellery but most of the gold on ebay is now beyond what I can afford (even 9ct gold which I don't rate). As I am a collector of jewellery the other thing I have noticed is that Australian Opals are really desirable and they also have a premium price attached (you do have to be careful as there are some really good imitation opals called Gilson) - I love my jewellery so that's what I tend to look at on ebay and prices have gone up a lot

That's a good point about gold - it has been going through the roof lately. The only thing I wonder is would you actually get more money for it just as a piece of gold. In other words, aside from the antique & vintage aspect would it be worth the same. If so, that's kind of disappointing in that you'd think the provenance and value of an item being antique/collectible, etc. would also add further to just the price of what it would be worth only as a precious metal. I understand that tough times require tough decisions and maybe we'll all get just the precious metal valuation.

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