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How can I find out about antiquities?

Lovejoy is correct. Material of that age (700-800bc) is classed as an antiquity (vs antique or vintage) and is a whole other class of collecting.

The unfortunate thing is that, throughout the years quite a number of these types of artifacts have been faked. There are whole industries in some countries doing this. It takes a real expert and a hands on look to determine the real from the fake. Can't be done here.

Another issue is that, depending on the artifact, some were removed without the country in question's permission. Sometimes it's simply the activity of the age back then, other times it was deliberate and illegal. In either case many such articles are being actively sought for return to the country of origin. It really depends upon what the object is. So be aware that you may run into some legal issues as well. Be sure that your documentation of it's history is as complete as you can get it.

Make sure you get a couple opinions from reputable dealers or collectors of that type of material. It's easy to get misinformed. By 'that type' I mean go beyond 'someone who knows antiquities' to someone 'who knows that specific antiquity'. Just like any other field there are specialists. If your material is, for example, ancient arrowheads, make sure you talk to someone who deals/collects/knows ancient arrowheads. A general dealer will give you a general price- you may discover however, that your particular arrowhead is a rare one and commands a rarity price. Only someone in that specific field would know that though.

So depending upon what you have, you may need to contact a number of experts. That is normal.

If you are trying to sell them, then you can contact a generalist to find out if they might be something really valuable. If so it may be of interest to a major auction house who would probably do most of this research for you.

Another way is to keep an eye on e-bay. If material of that sort show up, you might contact the seller to see if they can provide info. I did that with my roman arrowheads. Most are friendly and helpful so long as you don't abuse the privilege!

Finally, do a search for xxxxxx organizations, where xxxxxxx is the type of material ie. ancient arrowheads and talk to the specialist groups. They can also help.

Good luck!250chief

--------250Chief---------Primary Vintage and Antique areas of interest:Bells (brass and glass), Mining MemorabiliaOil Lanterns, Fire Dept MemorabiliaRailroad Material, Unique ItemsChromatic Glassware


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