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How can we improve InstAppraisal?

At InstApprasial we're always looking ahead while valuing the past.  As we've mentioned previously we have a major site update right around the corner that will greatly improve the InstAppraisal experience, and much more planned beyond that.

But we want to hear what YOU think we should do here at InstAppraisal.  Constructive suggestions are welcome and we're eager to hear what you'd like to see in future upgrades.

So, you tell us... how can we make InstAppraisal better?

Maybe I missed it somewhere, but can we post a picture in the forum of what we are trying to get some help on?  I tried but can't figure out how to do it..  Also, when adding comments to classifieds to help someone, the date and time do not stamp the posting.  Is this something that can be considered?



Here is what I would like to see.the pictures that scroll when you first sign in, (top of page).I would love these photos be the latest posts of the day or week even month. I spend hours looking up information I can share with the posters, then to find out the post is 3 years old. I do not mind looking up older post if the person still wants the info. I have recived Emails from older posters that said I didn't even know that was still posted. 

I do know why you do it this way, Maybe Tag it as #Still Active"

SPELL CHECK.. I know alot about, alot of things, but I have never claimed I can spell it.(see underlined word above). 

Here is a GREAT Idea for your programmers. on all post, have a TAG." See what others have said about this"   Link to other's comments.

Last thing. when new people want to post something. I would like to see something that tells them what we like to see... PLEASE TAKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU CAN..TAG.

other then these ideas, I love this site.....I tell everone about it. 


quit the stupid verification process, or speed it up. it  takes way  too long if you are on here for awhile trying to do a bunch of appraisals.

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