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54 Pontiac Chieftain hood ornament and one unknown

full-length upper view of chieftain
Indian face yellow
closer look at slight damage
view from above Indian Head
underside of the chieftain
side view of chieftain face
full side view of unknown ornament
Closer view of metal condition of unknown ornament
closer view of tail end of unknown ornament

so I'm pretty sure that the one is a 54 Pontiac Chieftain I was not able to get a a strong sense of what it's worth so that's what I'm mostly looking for but also help identifying another hood ornament

Vintage Automobiles
Far as I can tell chrome but I'm not very knowledgeable so that's why I'm here trying to find out stuff
Distinguishing marks: 
well the yellow Indian chief face
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Unknown hood ornament is roughly 11 and 1/2 to 12 in the chieftain is about 17 in
heavy duty don't have a scale
For Sale?: 

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