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An antique Japanese image of a caravan of sorts

Hi. I have got a number of images- old paintings and prints of Japanese origin, these were collected during the late 1940s and 1950s (immediately after World War 2) by my late grandfather who was posted in Japan (Tokyo) on official work. Most of these prints seem to be later copies of famous works by some of Japan's older and well known artists from the 19th c. However, I have this one painting or image that nobody and no site seems to identify. 

This depicts a caravan of sorts, or maybe the entourage of some famous or powerful person , passing through a typically Japanese landscape. I can also see a mountain in the background, is that Mt Fuji? There are two persons on horseback and the rest walking. What does this scene depict? Approximately how old is this (it is a framed image) ? And who is the artist? 

I would be grateful for any help/ideas. Thanks. 

Asian Art
Not sure
Distinguishing marks: 
No, cannot see any signature or seal etc.
Date Period: 
Maybe 19th or early 20th c ? Not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16 inches approx in length (with frame) and around 13 inches in breadth.
Not known
Bought along with other paintings, prints and some porcelain/china items , by my late grandfather circa 1949-1952, in Tokyo, Japan. He was working there in an official capacity and developed an interest in Japanese art. I have a number of these paintings and prints and some other items that I inherited from him. Most of these are hanging on my walls in my small sitting room in my apartment, for the last 25 years or so.
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