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Beautiful vintage buffet/sideboard

Awaiting appraisals

I inherited this gorgeous vintage buffet/sideboard from my parents who purchased it at an estate sale in the late 50s. I'm needing to downsize and looking to sell, but need some idea of the value. Made by Malcolm Better Built Furniture (label inside drawer), it measures 6' long, just under 2' deep and about an inch short of 3' high. It has a wide shallow upper drawer in the center, sectioned and lined with a heavy felt, suitable for silverware. Below that there is a wide and deep drawer for table linens. On each side is a deep storage area with hinged door (for dishes, etc.), with shallow drawers above. I don't know the woods, but there is an overall deep rich looking finish, with varying grains and shades of wood which add to the beauty and uniqueness. Brass knobs and hanging pulls on drawers and doors. Lots of embellishments and trim--on door/drawer fronts, as well intricate trims around both top and bottom edges. From the beautiful glossy top down to the lovely carved legs, this is a thing of beauty and has been much admired by guests in our home. It is in overall excellent condition, with the only "issues" being a small amount of water damage on top (hardly noticeable when nicely polished), a couple of small marks on the edge on one end, and a small chip on trim on one of the lower corners. Other than that, some signs of wear on the embellishments and a bit of crazing are the only things I can see that are less than perfect.

Distinguishing marks: 
Malcolm Better Built Furniture with Indestructo Finish (Label inside drawer)
Date Period: 
Late 1800s to early 1900s (not sure)
Size and dimensions of this item: 
6' x 2' x3'
In my childhood home since late 50s, purchased at an estate sale by my dad. In my own home since about 1997.
For Sale?: 

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