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Brunswick Balke Callender Mini Pool Table # H 1117

This mini pool table has pocket numbers stamped as shown in the photo.  The felt has a few holes in it and is not tight to the playing surface.  The bumpers don't have a lot of life in them and may be made of hard rubber.  The pockets are made of a netted yarn and have leather at the top edge.  There  are shell like inlays around the top of the table - one piece is missing. The balls that came with it, I think, are smaller than those that would be appropriate for the table. They are smaller than a golf ball and made of a hard material.  I don't have a complete set of these balls but they are all solid colored including the higher numbered balls - no stripes.  Some of the numbers have worn off. The legs are hinged and can be folded. It appears that a previous owner intended to refinish them but never did.

I sent an email to Brunswick and although they couldn't give me an idea of the age they did send some drawings of similar table but they looked much older than this one.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Wood, "Astralite" Bed, Net Pockets
Distinguishing marks: 
Brunswick Balke Callender H 1117
Date Period: 
Estimated between 1920s - 1930s
Size and dimensions of this item: 
32½ inches wide by about 57½ inches long and is about 32½ inches high
Estimated 50 - 60 pounds
I've had it for quite a while
For Sale?: 

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