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Enterprise double wheel cast iron coffee mill patented July 12,1898 No. 12

 Double wheel cast iron coffee grinder that has never been used. All pieces and parts accounted for. Patented July 12, 1898 No. 12Seals on front and back with eagle and shield and banner with THE ENTERPRISE MFG. CO OF PHILADELPHIA USA.Dimensions:wheel diameters: 24 1/2"entire height: 34"entire width: 17"removable ground coffee catcher: 7 1/2" tall

Cast iron
Date Period: 
July 1898
Size and dimensions of this item: 
total height 34" total width 17" wheel diameters 24 1/2"
Found in the 1950's in an old store in Wyoming. It was in a packing box and had never been opened or used. My grandfather was given it as a gift from the store owner whose was selling his store. He kept it in the box until 19755, when he unpacked it and displayed it in his basement. I inherited it 17 years ago and have also had it displayed on top of a large whiskey barrel.
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