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Franz Walter Carlsbad Cream and Sugar bowl set

When my friend's were moving down south in 1995 they knew they couldn't take everything from their old house. Friends were invited over to take what they wanted. I spied this beautiful HUGE sugar and creamer set and couldn't resist.He said he thought it was part of a tea set his grandmother had but wasn't 100% sure. He figured it was from around 1910 or a little before. Pink and purple flowers (zinnias?) with gold and gold trim on handles, feet and rim or lip. No cracks or chips. A bit dusty because I'mĀ afraid to really wash them. Franz Walter and Carlsbad under the name in reddish brown on the bottom of both. Number on it appears to be 904 but then the 9 could be a lower case g. Both have the same number so I'm assuming they were fired as part of a set.

Ceramics and Porcelains
Ceramic or Porcelain
Distinguishing marks: 
Franz Walter Carlbad on bottom of both as well as 904 (or g04) on each
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
both are about 6" high and 7" across at the widest point (handle to handle or handle to lip)
you can weigh these things?
From a friend's family attic. Possibly from 1910 or a bit before
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