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keil side table information request please

A side table that is 28" wide and 28.5" high, six legs, and an octagonal top. Made by Keil furniture company, I believe in the 1930s, it was sold and changed its name. could anyone help me find a price on

American Furniture
Distinguishing marks: 
company name kiel furniture co
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
28" high 28.5 wide
For Sale?: 
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Info from Kovels, “ Kiel Manufacturing Company was started in 1892 by a group of thirty-six men and one woman to provide jobs for the people in the small town of Kiel, Wisconsin. The area had plenty of lumber and skilled labor. The name of the company became Kiel Furniture Company in 1907. It bought a factory in Milwaukee in 1920 and made dining room furniture there and smaller pieces of furniture in Kiel. The factory in Milwaukee closed in 1932. The factory in Kiel became A.A. Laun Furniture Co. in 1935.”
I’m not having much luck finding one like yours. This is the closest so for The auction estimate was $150 - $200. One like it with a bit of damage sold for $50. My estimate is only a guess but I’d think about $100.

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