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Limoges (P.R.C) value

I have nine Limoges - L.F. Fine Porceelain (all P.R.C.) pieces

They are all colbalt blue and gold

Six pieces have the same scene (female standing next to another female or male with a harp).  They are all cobalt blue and gold.  All excellent condition.  All marked P.R.C.  Just purchased them at a auction.  

1 pair of candel sticks 9" tall

2) Large pitcher with gold handel 10" Tall 12.5 wide

3) oblong box with rounded lid.   4" high and 7" wide

4) A round urn/vase/whatever it is with lid.  It is really round.  No handles.  No hour glass shape to it. Even the lid has a round gold knob.  It is  8.5" tall

5) Bowel 5" tall and 10" across.  The bowel does NOT sit flat it has a base.  Hour glass shape base curves into the bowel.

6) I actually have TWO of these items  BUT only one matches the same scene as described above.  The other matching shaped piece has a different scene.  This one is a tall hour glass shape urn piece with a top and two big gold handles on each side.  The top piece on the lid is like a little gold crown

The above 6 pieces all have the same scene as described previously above.

***** Then I have two pieces (again colbalt blue and gold) with a woman on the ground in a blue top and yellow skirt  looking up at a man looking down at her holding a long string instrument (like a long guitar - sorry I do not know what it is called).The man seems to be wearing a pink outfit.  They appear to be outside with her sitting beside a fountain.   The 2 pieces are described below.

          Piece 1) One is a mini urn / vase with a lid.  It is only 8 " tall and at the fat middle section it is 4" across.  Lid has a little gold knob on top of it.  

          Piece 2) is the matiching piece to piece mentioned above  but this one has this scene on it.  Large Urn with lid and two big gold handles.  The lid top has a crown like gold piece on top.


Lastly,  I have this one piece (again colbalt blue and gold) tall bowel.  It is 6.5" tall and the bowel is 10" across.  The scene on this piece has three woman sitting at a table under a chandelier.  A male is behind the woman wearing a pink gown.  the table is round and the floor is sqares (seems blue and white)

***So one set  has 6 pieces with a matching scene.  **One set has 2 pieces with a different scene .  ***One piece has its own scene.   9 pieces that really can go all together.  They ALL MATCH just 3 different scenes as described above.   

All are marked L.F. Fine Porcelain Limoges - P.R.C. in gold.  All are colbalt blue and gold.  Look brand new.  No crackes, no paint chips.  Excellent condition

Any help with value is appreciated.    Thnks Joan


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