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Rare Ty Beanie Babiees

Ty baby collectors use as a reference when  buying and selling .  You have to buy the price guide.

According to that price guide, my 40 bear collection is worth $14,300.00


im looking to see if the price guide is  true to the  buyer.   I would like your  appraisal your opinion 



#1 Bear.  Only 253 made.  Signed by Ty   Valued at $1800.00 with the price guide 

Billionaire the bear.   Korean version.  

 Billionaire number two. Only 475 made. Signed by Ty   Very rare  valued at $900 with the guide 

 Billionaire number three. Only 650 were made. Signed by Ty

 Billionaire number four. Only 762 are made. Signed by Ty

 Billionaire number five.   Made only for employees. Signed by Ty

Billionaire number six. Made it only four employees. Signed by Ty 

 Billionaire number seven. Only 612 made. Signed by Ty

 Billionaire number eight. Only 480 made. Signed by touch 

Chilly,  Second generation hangtag, Is valued at $350 beanie baby price

Chocolate the moose, has a rare poem with a miss spelled word rnoose in place of moose and it also has a website cover up the sticker. Is valued at $250 on beanie Babys price

 Coral Casino bear, extremely rare, only 588 were made :Is valued at $1000 On beanie babies price

Humphrey the camera, first generation tag, non-mint  tag, super rare  valued at $500 with the guide 

Nana with no bongo sticker, third generation" Valued $900 at beanie baby price . com

 Patty the platypus, magenta color, generation one, very rare and the first nine 

 Peace, made in Indonesia, with no emblem 

Penni peek -a-boo, this was an internet contest , signed by Ty

  Prototype mouse Cheezer

 Prototype guinea pig, black white and brown

Prototype Guinea pig,  Black white and a little brown 

 Prototype guinea pig, white babies brown and tan 

  Prototype Mice,  white 

 Prototype scorch , dragon

Prototype, Ty beanie boo, Name is North

Roary McDonald’s convention 1998; only 150 made

super rare Ty Girls sweet Sasha and   Marvelous Maria  original butt tags with  pink marker throught the butt Tag because Michelle Obama did not like the fact that the girls were named after her daughters they collect the Obama controversy There is one for sale on leaving for $900

Teddy of Cranberry with old face, has  Korean and German  hang Tag ( beanie price  valued it at $450 


Dolls and Plush Toys
Pe and pvc pellets
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
The last 20 years
Size and dimensions of this item: 
8 inches each
All beanies are. Mint unless stated
For Sale?: 

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