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Retro Electric piece of Art???

This item was acquired during a recent picking trip in Pittsburgh, We are unaware of anything about this electric, light up, motorized, moving pce of Art? It is on a metal/steel base with a cord that has a switch as this item is in good working order as it lights up as well as rotates. The underside does have stamping dated 1979 as far as the motor goes but cannot find any other Makers Marks anywhere. This retro piece is definately a rare find I can tell because I cannot find anything like it or on it anywhere so I am turning to this sight....Please Help!!! was it jus simply a store display? 

Decorative Arts
stainless steel and plexiglass along with motor and lights
Distinguishing marks: 
only marks are the motor information and date of 1979
Date Period: 
1970's ???
Size and dimensions of this item: 
roughly 4 foot tall
15-20 lbs
history unknown due to this item was acquired during a picking trip and it caught our eye!
For Sale?: 

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