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Silver-plate items, unknown vintage


I inherited these items from my grandparents, and have no idea how old they are or whether they have any potential value. I think (but am not sure) they are all silver plate/silver overlay. If they have some value, I will try to sell them. If not, not sure what to do. Any hints on origin/age/potential value would be super helpful, thanks! I suspect but have no way to verify that the tray with the two large round tarnish areas was probably used with the sugar and creamer pots, but I don't know if they actually belong together; I suspect not, because this particular tray is marked "Academy silver on copper." The sugar bown is 3.75" diameter and 6" wide with handles. The creamer pot is also 3.75" diamter and 5.75" with handles.  The tray is 9"x6".

The larger oblong tray is marked Wm. Rogers.  It is 12.25"x7.5".

The round tray is Reed & Barton and 6" in diameter.

Silver and Silver Overlay
Silver overlay, I believe
Distinguishing marks: 
Fiesta, Oneida Ltd. Academy Copper on Silver Wm. Rodgers Reed & Barton
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
See descriptions above
For Sale?: 
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I found these on eBay. You could follow them and see if they get the asking price
Etsy has this Academy try
And eBay has this one that you might want to follow. I’m not finding sold for prices.
There’s a lot of the Reed & Barton 1204 trays out there for sell. I found one that sold on eBay for $8.
This WM Rogers tray sold for $25.99 on eBay
And a smaller one is selling for $8
I don’t think there’s a big demand for silver plate items.

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Values for silver plate is currently very weak, and values depend a great deal on the condition of the plating. Pieces like this tend to be mid 20th century items, for example, the Academy Silver Co. operated in New York City from 1951-1961. Even if in good shape such pieces often sell for under $20.00.

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