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Spaghetti Santa Planter

I have a few Spaghetti Santa Planters of which I posted them on eBay but upon further investigation, I see that some of them are selling for a couple hundred dollars. I was wondering if I could find out more information and get an appraisal on them to see if I am selling them for too little or just the right amount. I am not familiar with any of these. I just know they are probably from the 1950s. I do not see any markings of them. I also put a poodle image as well. Many people seem to be interested in this particular one and am curious if there is something special about her. I have a matching one where the poodle is standing instead of bowing. I appreciate all your feedback. Below are the listings: (large sized)

General Antiques and Collectibles
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not that I see
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All in excellent condition. I used to collect spaghetti poodles as a way to kep my interest when going to antique stores on family vacations when I was younger. My great aunt gave me three blue spaghetti poodles when I was younger and they always caught my eye because of how delicate they are. We woud drive cross country and stop at random antique stores along the way to our destination. I am interested in learning a little more about them and what their value is.
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