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Tiny Table

This is a tiny little table with a metal label that reads "Made by The McClellan MFG Co Los Angeles". It has a black ink stamp reading "F714".

The table has 4 legs and is about 1 foot square. It stands about 2 feet high. At the bottom of the legs there is a decorative stability (?) piece, attaching all legs together. That piece and the legs are turned. It is very simple but very pretty.

The top is split cleanly all the way across, and has some water damage or fading. I'm mostly looking for general information and a base estimate of value, if any.

American Furniture
Wood. Not sure of type.
Distinguishing marks: 
Label that reads "Made by The McClellan MFG Co Los Angeles"
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Aprox 12"X12"x24"
For Sale?: 

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