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Victorian Widdicomb dresser and stand?

I believe these two pieces that were discovered in a property my wife and I purchased are from the John Widdicomb Furniture Company, Grand Rapids Michigan. They are have a date on them from 1891/1892 and I think they are Birdseye Maple. The pictures do not show the depth of the maple but it is truly gorgeous. They have functional brass (?) hardware and locks on every drawer - although we do not have a key. I am only guessing on the manufacturer but the initials make sense. Any feedback, corrections and clarification would be most helpful. How do you clean and treat the wood. And most of all, what do you believe these should be worth, both appraisal value and if we were to sell them what would be a fair price to ask/expect?

American Furniture
Birdseye maple and brass
Distinguishing marks: 
J. W. F. Co., G. R.
Date Period: 
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Furniture of this type typical dates from the turn of the 19th century through the 1920's, generally termed as being "Colonial Revival " in style. Virtually every manufacturer produced a similar line of it it, so it's not considered rare or very valuable. Pieces like this last peaked in value in the late 1980's, demand and values have declined a great deal since then. Currently at auction comparable pieces often sell at auction for under $100.00.

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