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How long does it take for me to get a "free appraisal"?

What is the definition of "instant"? A week? A month?

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Now that you've submitted your appraisal request you will be looking for any comments to appear.  You can do this by manually checking your appraisal request from time to time or you can subscribe below your appraisal request to receive an email notification when any comments appear.  Any comments would appear directly below your original appraisal request.  Please remember that Instappraisal is a 100% community-driven web site (though Instappraisal does also have staff that contribute as well).  People just like you help each other learn about their items by putting in comments regarding the history and valuation of their items.  Quite often an appraisal request will receive a quick response, but how long an appraisal takes depends on several factors.

Please remember that the ability to comment on your appraisal request is dependent on how clear and how much detailed information you entered, the quality and type of photos that you uploaded (a great majority of the time it is imperative to have photos of your item), the rarity of your item, and whether or not an expert in your type of item has reviewed your request.  Be sure to allow for a reasonable length of time so that enough people can view your request.  You may get a request immediately or some complicated requests can take significantly longer.  There is no priority given to appraisal requests so the public, and Instappraisal expert appraisals often respond to the items that they know the most about - just like you can to other people's appraisal requests.  "Instant" means that your appraisal request is immediately available for someone to comment and respond to.  Since Instappraisal scores very well in search engines such as Google, there is a high probability that someone searching for information about your item will find it, and as a result the longer your item stays online the greater the chance that someone in the Instappraisal community or the public will be able to comment on your item.  You may come across someone who has the same item as yours, someone wanting to sell a similar item, and quite often these folks can have tidbits of information that can help answer what your item is, a bit about its history, and what it may be worth.

Did you know that you too can participate and help your fellow collectors by commenting on their appraisal requests.  You can even put yourself in the running to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card by replying to appraisal requests with helpful information.  Simply click on the "Add New Comment" link to enter in anything that you may know about the item.  Even the smallest thing you know may just be the key that the person is looking for!

By helping the Instappraisal community with your knowledge and expertise the appraisal is better able to help you with your requests.  What goes around comes around.  Givers gain is our motto - so please consider helping someone else first by answering their appraisal questions and then quite often someone will help you in return.

Further help regarding how to use Instappraisal, adding photos to your appraisal, replying to appraisals, and much more is available here

Happy collecting!

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Submitted by Rillito on

I have two original Pilgrim Chairs in the Carver style, one arm and one armsless, with stitch woven seats with "Cushman" stickers glued on the bottom,  in excellent condition except for one broken front seat piece, and the wear and breaks in the stitch,  and would like an appraisal on them please.

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Submitted by jb3798 on

On 7-31-17 I submitted photo's of a Satsuma Japanese Porcelain Vase to be appraised but I can not find my appraisal on your site anywhere.

My reference number is: V634260-1. If you would be so kind as to direct me to the location of my apprisal or help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You. 

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I have a Clemco 2 in 1 secretary desk. I need to know how the mechanism works for the typewriter part, the hinges won't work but I'm not positive I'm doing it right. Can you help me/

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