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InstAppraisal Help and FAQ

How do appraisals work?

As a registered member (which is 100% free) you are able to post a request for appraisal on any items you may wish (within the confines of our rules) with photos and whatever information you may already have. InstAppraisal puts this request before the eyes of our global audience and when one of them has further information to provide they'll post a reply. That's all there is to it!

How long does it take?

Our free crowd-sourced Standard appraisal relies on one of our global members that may have information about the item seeing the listing and posting a reply. As a result of this it is difficult to predict but can range from just a few hours to substantially longer. Patience is often rewarded at InstAppraisal.

It's really free?

Yes, our crowd-sourced Standard appraisal is 100% free! You may even find out you have the next antique roadshow million dollar appraisal.

What information will I get about my item?

When using our free Standard appraisal option the information returned will be up to the global audience members responding but typically includes some background on the item and an estimated valuation.

Will InstAppraisal buy my item?

InstAppraisal does not currently buy or sell items so our appraisals are not tainted by an interest to manipulate the estimated valuations. We do, however, allow for the inclusion of an Ebay URL in your item listing if you choose to sell the item there. InstAppraisal is not affiliated with Ebay or any other retail operation.

What are InstAppraisal Points?

InstAppraisal Points are our method of rewarding our members for participating! You gain points by performing common actions on the site (for example posting items, commenting on others' items, etc.), and we use them to award great prizes every month as well as a spectacular annual prize! No purchase is necessary to win prizes. The more you participate the more points you collect! See our InstAppraisal Points page for more information.

What if I'm not satisfied with my appraisal?

Being free and crowd-sourced, our Standard appraisal type offers no warranty. You may, however, choose to leave your item open for further commentary by other members.

What other services does InstAppraisal offer?

Above all InstAppraisal is a community of collectors of all sorts. Our Forums provide a place to meet others with your interests and engage in interesting conversations. We also offer collecting news, a blog focused on collecting and listings of shows, swap meets and other events you may be interested in. We also encourage you to browse through the items listed by other users and comment if you have information to provide. That's how the whole thing works! All of these offerings are 100% free!

I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact InstAppraisal for further information?

We're happy to take any questions you may have via our contact form here. Please note that this contact form is NOT for requesting an appraisal, those must be done via the green "Get A Free Antique Appraisal Now!" button at the top of our pages. Thanks for your cooperation!

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