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Antique Desk

Silent Auction

This antique desk is quite ornate and has a claim to be a "magnificent Louis XV style bureau plat of richly grained mahogany and other exotic woods enriched with inlays and sculpted ormolu mounts featuring female busts fitted with three apron drawers and two pullout slides, the top inset with gold-tooled leather [2000-3000]."

It is wood and brass with a leather top. It also came with a solid brass inkwell (as seen in the pictures) although it is not certain that the inkwell was originally with the desk or added later. The desk comes with the key and the locking mechanism does function properly. There are a few spots where the wood is splitting, as can be seen in the pictures. All of the brass pieces are intact and not broken (top corners, busts, and legs).

Mainly wood and brass.
Distinguishing marks: 
Beyond the design, as seen in the pictures, there are no stamps, signatures, stickers, or any other means of identification.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
62" wide (64" with the busts) 32" tall 31" deep (34" with the busts)
Unknown, but quite heavy (even for furniture movers)
For Sale?: 

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