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Art McCarthy/El Paseo 1974?

Hello, My name is Keith Buss. I have a painting that I am intersted in finding out the value of. It was purchased at a thrift store about two years ago in Seattle, WA.

It has the signature "ART McCARTHY" in the left-hand corner of the painting. There is also other writing on the back of the frame.

There is a stamp that reads ; ART McCARTHY 1919 Rosalia Dr., Fullerton, Cal 92631, 529-4848 or 529-2606.

Also, the following is written on the back of the frame in what looks to be pencil. It states "  'EL PASEO' 4-15-74 SANTA BARBARA MC704"

There is also what looks to be small spots of mold on the back of the painting. Not certain if this is repairable or not.

Please advise if this painting has any real value.Thanks.

Oil painting with a wooden frame.
Distinguishing marks: 
"Art McCarthy"
Date Period: 
? 1974?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
32" X 36" ???
For Sale?: 


fishwhacker's picture

I have zero information or records available on this artist and I have an extensive accessible database on artists. I'm sorry to say but this appears to be a hobby artist work or an artist that never gained recognition in the art community, and the price is going to reflect that. $20-75 is the value depending on selling venue.

sgov's picture

I found a print by him of a bird in flight at a tag sale in NY.  An edition of 750.  Reverse stamped with the same fullerton address.  No much to look at, low quality and appears geared toward the gift shop trade. 

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