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Boston-area 18th Century slant-front desk with writing on back and hidden drawer.

Hi! I recently got this desk and I am totally obsessed with learning more about it. I bought it in Peabody, MA, which is on the North Shore of Boston. The dimensions are approx 43x39x20. On the back is written in pencil "1710" and then what looks like perhaps "year" but of course I know anyone could have written any date on it at any time so that doesn't mean much. In one of the drawers was an old 35mm film container with the label "original nails - desk" on it, and a bunch of hand-forged nails inside. These hand-forged nails are also apparent throughout the desk. (My guess is someone pulled a few out at some point to make a repair and had the foresight to save them.) The exterior hardware is certainly replacement. The top and slant front appear to be refinished, but the inside does not. I'm unsure about the front and sides. On the underside of the desk it is very apparent that the feet were hand-carved, as the scoop-marks are visible. Also, on the sides of two of the drawers there is writing. It says a name and to me it looks like "Samuel Bushel." There are also a bunch of numbers/calculations and the word "Receipts." The folks I spoke to when I bought it had no idea where it came from, but they said there was a guy who might remember more. He wasn't in and I am going to try to get hold of him this week. I'd love to know if there is a possibility of identifying a maker, or even a list of potentials. I'd also like to know the approx year it was made, and if it was made in Boston or nearby. If it's possible to identify the wood, that would be great too (my best guess is white pine and mahogany.) And of course is there is a way to estimate value I'd love to know that too!

American Furniture
Date Period: 
18th Century?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
43x39x20 (approx)
incredibly heavy!
Bought on Boston's north shore. No other info.
For Sale?: 
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