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crystal pitcher

this pitcher was obtained during world war 2 or so the person thought she had alzheimers and could not remember when she got it she passed it on to me because she did not have any daughters only one son and was grateful for the care and love that i showed when taking care of her dying husband a world war 2 veteran doctor for the military his name was bob

Glassware and Crystal
Distinguishing marks: 
etchings on the handle and along the top rim of the pitcher right below the spout are large and small xs then a row of what looks like thumbprints and then at the bottom are more xs with what looks like 3 straight lines and then on the very bottom it looks like a star burst
Date Period: 
do not know
Size and dimensions of this item: 
it is about a foot tall and has a 3 in opening at top a high back handle and about a 5 in round bottom
it weights about 5 to 7 lbs
it was a gift given to me by an elderly lady who showed gratitude for taking such good care of her dying husband and she told me that she got it around the time of world war 2 but she could not remimber
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Crystal like this tends to date from the second quarter of the 20th Century. A lot of it came from Czechoslovaki and was originally marked with foil or paper labels, which were removed after sale or simply wore off. While not mass produced in the modern sense it was made in large numbers for the export market. Most of it was seldom used, spending most of its time on display in china cabinets, hence it still survives in very large numbers. This means that values for it currently are quite modest , we often see unmarked pieces like this sell for under $150.00.

mightymouse319's picture

thank you for this information it is a really great help i have been trying to find someone to just tell me where it might have come from and you are the only one to have any information so i greatly appretiate and thank you i knew it was worth something i am interested in selling this item along with two crystal drinking glasses i have do you know how i can do that?

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