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"Primus" Amber Coated Japanese 7 X 35 Binoculars


I had picked these Primus 7 X 35 Japanese Binoculars at my local auction, I had tried to see what similar items might go for on eBay, but was unable to find the exact Manufacturer, which I assumed was "Primus". It has a Sticker that says "PASSED Japan Telescopes Inspection Institute. The model number is No.69023, and is a 7 X 35 Extra Wide Angle 578ft at 1000yds. It is in amazing condition, all straps are intact, box is near perfect, and has all the lens covers. I was wondering if there would be a minimum price I should sell these for, or if they are worth keeping as they work great.

By the way not all the photos may upload due to HTTP errors Sad

General Antiques and Collectibles
Plastic, Leather, Glass, Lens, Stainless Steel
Distinguishing marks: 
Primus, Made in Japan, 7 X 35
Date Period: 
Before 2000 After 1950
Size and dimensions of this item: 
About 10 Inches Wide and 7 Inches Long
Found and Bought at a local Auction for $15.00.
For Sale?: 
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