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R. Romanelli marble dish - Romano or Raffaello?

Hello, I found a beautiful marble plate yesterday with a oval foil sticker on it bottom. It is a piece by R. Romanelli of Florence Italy. I know the Romanelli are a family of famed Italian sculptors going back generations. I think this piece was by Romano Romanelli which would make it mid century, but was also wondering it it might be by his father Raffaello which would date it earlier around 1900-1920's. Both were primarily known for their sculptures, including large famous public pieces, so I could also use a hand in valuing the plate as well. Any info or advice would be much appreciated. Justin James

Marble Stone
Distinguishing marks: 
Makers Sticker, R. Romanelli, Florence Italy, sculptori, lung accioiali 72-78, antichita
Size and dimensions of this item: 
8.25 inches by 4.5 inches and roughly .75 inches deep. 21 cm by 11.5 cm and roughly 2 cm deep
.8 kg
For Sale?: 
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