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Royal Schwarzburg China-Midas pattern

The set is not complete, but is 54 pieces. My grandmother said at one time, her mom's set was complete. The missing pieces were broken, or damaged when they moved. This set contains: 1 16" long oval platter, it has #28, and an additional mark: 513/ IV-in Roman numeral style, for 1, and 5.

 another long oval server, measures 14", with #28 marked on it. The tureen-gravy boat, is molded onto the base plate, is marked #28

8 large plates,( 1, is#1-2 are #2-and 5 are marked #28

Salad plates:3 of them are#28, and 5 of them are marked#5

Saucers: 1 has a faint mark on the bottom, cannot tell what number is on it, not even magnified X 5.  4 of them are marked #19- 1 is marked #5, and 1 is marked #2

Small flat Fruit/bread plates: #28, 2     #19,3 of them with this mark     1 is #67    1 is #16, and 1 of them has a number, but again, it is too hard to read it

Small soup/fingerbowls?: 5 are marked #19   5 are marked #3  and one is missing the number

Teacups(regular size) 2 are #2     1 is #3    1 is #5    1 is #19   and one is marked with a number that cannot be read

There are no knife, fork or spoon marks on most of these.They look like they weren't used very much.

There are only 2 of them that are damaged: the long oval server(not the large server)  has a chip underneath, on the base rim, where it rests on table. It is about the size of 3-4 cm



Distinguishing marks: 
Schwarzburg-green hallmark logo Gold trimmed
Date Period: 
early 1900"?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
54 pieces
75-100 lbs for all
These were my Great Grandmother's-passed down to me from my grandmother, 20 years ago
For Sale?: 
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