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Sewing Machine Wheeler & Wilson n 9

Sewing machine Wheeler & Wilson n 9. From Bridgeport. Dated 1883-1888. Serial Number 216650.
Materiel Iron and Oak wood. Good condition. She is functional. We have the strap, the key and the needles, but no box.The leather of the folding table is a little damaged.

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Iron and Oak
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Here is what I have on file for this machine.


"Wheeler & Wilson's No. 9 machine was introduced in 1887 it was designed for Family use with its high arm it was advertised as 'The Only Perfect Sewing Machine for Family Use'.No. 9 machines use the same bobbin mechanism as the No. 8 and very early examples have the stitch length adjuster on the pillar which was subsequently relocated to the bed and the design of the No. 9 then remained largely unchanged until the introduction of the D-9.In 1895 the D-9 was introduced which adapted the mechanism of the No. 11 manufacturing machine. Externally the most obvious difference was the hand appliance which was more compact. In Great Britain the D-9 was primarily sold as a hand machine although it could be used with a treadle. Following the initial launch of the machine the company seems to have dropped the "D" and simply advertised it as the No. 9.After Singer's take over of the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company in January 1907 the D-9 was produced under the Singer brand name as the 9W until at least 1913."

Sadly the values for treadle machines remain modest becuses they were made in the tens of millions, Singer alone made over 50,000,000 of them. Generally they sell at auction for under $100.00.

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