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Signed Lithograph of Korean War Veterans Memorial

ide love to know

this is a lithograph that depicts the korean war veterans memorial .. It is in original frame. I spoke to the architect named William lecky who is one of the names on the litho. He said that only the first 200 had original signatures. The names on the bottom are William cooper and William lecky of cooper lecky architects. Frank gaylord the sculptor. And at the moment the muralist name escapes me I was told they sold for $450 at the dedication of the memorial... ide like to know if i need to get this in sured or if its relatively insignificant outside of intrinsic value

a lithograph.. i did not open up the frame
Distinguishing marks: 
original signatures of the design contributors.. litho number 75 of 750
Date Period: 
i believe in march of 95 is when this memorial was dedicated.. and that is the date on the litho
Size and dimensions of this item: 
off the hip.. 24x32.. frame size
i am a staunch supporter of our veterans.. and an auxiliary member of the VFW, as well as Sons of the legion.. american legion.. there have been numerous closings of VFWs and ALs.. in recent years.. i had the opportunity to purchase items from a post that was closing, in order to save the items from vultures and/or the dumpster.. this was one item, that i could not allow to meet that fate
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