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J Segura Fiberglass Art "Romans with Horses"

I have a J. Segura fiberglass wall piece. it is a little over 5' long. it have what looks like roman soldiers and horses running. it is black background with golden colored figures. I have no idea about this piece or the artist and would appreciate any help you could give me with it. Thank you

Art Deco and Art Nouveau
Distinguishing marks: 
signed by J Segura
Size and dimensions of this item: 
5' x 2'
For Sale?: 


rosie2's picture

I have the same piece. I live in Michigan. It was the same color and size. I have had it since 1984, I think. I refinished color. I am a custom painter. I  also added reins . It looks awesome . Have you found out any idea of what is worth? Unfortunately, I also am clueless. Any help on any info would be much apreciated, Thank you............Gene

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