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Marshall and Wendel upright player piano

At least pre 1940 (maybe older).Upright player piano, with bench. In working condition, (keys all work). Inside is In beautiful condition, but not restored. Needs work. Belonged to great grandmother, she used to play it in silent movies. Still has old sheet music inside on the spool. Has not been moved around ever, it has always been Located at family residence in Hollywood CA, a home that has been in the family since 1923.

Music and Music Instruments
Distinguishing marks: 
Marshall and Wendel stamp
Date Period: 
Pre 1940
Has been in the family for 4 generations.Was played by a silent movie pianist. Has been in the same place, in the same home for at least over 70 years.
For Sale?: 


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Values for older pianos depends a great deal on the condition of its internal workings, as piano's over 50 years of age often require substantial restoration, even if well maintained. In unknown working condition it's market it is not uncommon to see comparable player piano's go at auction for less than $1000.00, ($400.00- $800.00)

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