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Landscape on Board (1956 by Elsie C Patty)

Large landscape painting (oil i would guess) that is approxitely 96" by 48" that has been painted on a textured board, i've heard the word "canvas board" used before.

It appears to be Grand Lake, Colorado and features a resort scene in the foreground and a mountain range in the background.  The painting is signed in the lower right Elsie C. Patty 1956. What little information  i was able to find was that Patty was a artist in Colorado and may have had a studio at one time in the Grand Lake area.  I've seen a few smaller paintings done by her but nothing near this size.  

Wish I could say more about it to help but no very little about painting technique or materials to provide more information than I have already.  Thank You!!!

Oil on Canvas Board
Distinguishing marks: 
Signature and Date: Elsie C Patty 1956 (photo attached)
Date Period: 
Dated 1956 by artist
Size and dimensions of this item: 
96" x 48"
20lbs +
My understanding Patty was a distant cousin of my grandparents and painted the painting for them after they built their home in 1955 (painting signed 1956), had hung in same location for 55 years until recently removed due to sale of the home.
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