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Antique stradivarius violin 1713

I wonder whether the violin(by Antonio Stradivari) i got is original or imitated?

Music and Music Instruments
I am not sure I was gifted from a old lady in 1998
Distinguishing marks: 
Antonio Stradivari
Date Period: 
This Stradivarius Violin has a deep background and I strongly believe that it is one of the original violin made by Antonio Stradivari. My friend got this violin from a 60 years old lady who happened to gift it him in 1998, Yugoslavia. This violin was an instrument in musical school for years and was contributed by the Yugoslavia Government. The old lady's husband was one of the teacher in that school and after his death he left behind violin to the old lady. In 1998, my friend was there for funeral and he helped her. Because of him kindness she gifted the violin to my firend by means of thanks. Especially in 1930s Marshal Tito used liking with this violin and at that time there was also an paper article about his love of this violin's tune. Consequently, I didn't get help from an expert yet but beacuse of its background I think it is very best stuff.
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It's a reproduction, most of these date from the turn of the 19th century, a lot of them come from Germany. With violins a lot depends on how it sounds, violins of this type with "Strad" markings varies a great deal.   At auction they generally sellfor under $250.00.

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