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1945 Vintage James E. Pepper Bourbon

I have two vintage James E. Pepper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Both have been distilled in Fall 1945 and bottled in Fall 1949. They appear to be opened, but still have government seal of bottling which has the face of someone named Carisle.

One unique thing is both bottles have "State of Indiana" excise tax stickers and numbers. Please let me know the value.

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Submitted by bgp


Nice bourbon bottles!  Your bottles have not been opened; they just suffer from impropper storage and 70 years of evaporation.  The large corks in these decanters are prone to below average fill levels.  Both bottles originally came with decorative glass stoppers and the shorter bottle also came with a gift box.  The labels on your bottles are very nice.  The tax strips do not appear to be in great shape; much of the value of these older bottles is dertermined by the tax strip condition.  The tax strips do not have to be perfect but the value is effected if the tax strip is not intact.  To give an accurate value I would need better pics of the tax strips, but from what I can see in the pictures I would value bottles at $400 each if the tax strips are still intact. If the tax strips and fill level were in better condition I would value the bottles at closer to $600 each.  Are you interested in selling?


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