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Nature's Remedy 180 Tablets "Regulates Liver and Kidneys..." A.H. Lewis Medicine

Nature's Remedy 180 Tablets "Regulates Liver and Kidneys Purifies the Blood" A.H. Lewis Medicine Company

"Price $1.00" in top of lid area

"New Style Package Adopted 1906" under lid area

My thoughts:  I know from looking at other ones online the 1906 date doesn't mean it was necessarrily 1906.  However the "Canada 1 Cent War tax stamps"--3 and 1/2 of them, as well as remanant red war tax stamps on the lid--these are on it and can't be removed without ruining item .  These make me think 1918-1919?

The most curious thing, that I can't figure out is the portrait on the front.  All similar items that I found online have a portrait of an older man.  This one has a younger version of the same man, I presume--A. H. Lewis.  Does this make this item more valuable?  and does this help to date it?


Thanks for your help,


General Antiques and Collectibles
metal, maybe tin?
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
4.25" H 2.75" W 1" D
light weight
For Sale?: 


MarkBlemish's picture

There are some on sale at EBay and here's some more info I think the stamps on yours make it more interesting and collectible. Will try to find more info and see if I can find the face/person like on your tin.

This is the only one with the forward facing face I've found


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